Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The shoes are falling

A brief status check I sent in lieu of an incomplete catharsis I had been working 0n. I felt some urgency to publish it; something about punctuality being the better part of valor. Or maybe just anxiety.

I'm increasing better each day, "waiting for the other shoe to drop" as the doctors say in their best clinical vernacular. I haven't reached my nadir , or low point, so I won't be producing new blood cells. They say 4 weeks, which is approximately how long I'll be without an immune system. My Hickman port is healing. It looks more a knife wound than a piece of shrapnel buried in chest. The doctors are pleased, for whatever that,s worth. It's not always clear what makes them happy from their expression. My brother and sister received their respective donor kits. We anxiously await those results. Even though either one of them would provide a better match, it's a long shot. Jenel reports the donor drive in Wilmington flourished and exceeded all expectations. As an unwitting representative, I thank those who participated.

Jenel created a Facebook account for me, I'm still a little reticent to contribute to it. I appreciate those who do. I'm still navigating email and the diversionary potential of the Internet. It's starting to make sense to me and I have plenty of time coming up.

Again, I appreciate all the cards and emails, more than I can describe. We never close here and there's always someone here to receive your calls: 919 966-2190 rm# 6223. Skype is also available for those technocrats out there, you know Oprah uses it and it's free! And, of course, visiting hours are by appointment only ( due to overwhelming demand). Be advised: no children and shoes are required. By the way, I started writing random thoughts about my experience here, just after my second round of chemo. The prospective is a little dark, at times intimate, and perhaps self indulgent. The catharsis proved to therapeutic. I hope they're insightful.

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