Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Auspicious Tuesday

This day wasn't as auspicious as I had anticipated, really. In all my exuberance I hadn't realized that I wouldn't receive the results of my bone marrow biopsy for several days. I waited for my cytogenetics for 7 days. That's when I learned I needed another round of chemo.

To those of you who visited me this past weekend, thanks so much. My spirit soared all day aloft a tempest of joviality and laughter. We were at times raucous and irreverent, uncomfortably loud , fueled by cookies and sweets until, and just for a little while, I felt I had been transported somewhere else. Sunday I crashed in glorious exhaustion, the depths of which only comes when you have an incredible time.A combination of Jenel's saintly care and alternative sources for lunch and dinner I had recuperated by Monday. My hair finally started to fall out. I was reluctant to embrace the inevitable, but Jenel and all the nurses convinced me to shave my head. Jenel had a little fun with it as you can see the photos we sent. So far the consensus is positive. I'm not so sure. Time to move on; not much I can do about it.

Today is an auspicious day. It's Tuesday; time for my day 14 bone marrow biopsy. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this procedure let me tell you. Essentially, the doctor (a fellow- specialist in the field) inserts an instrument similar to a tire repair tool and plunges it into the backside of my pelvis with the same force required to penetrate a truck tire. This instrument is hallow and once in place another instrument is inserted to retrieve a core sample of my bone marrow. The only reason this all works is because a sufficient amount of morphine and ativan are administered before he starts. Interestingly, I was fairly lucid throughout the procedure. But when it was all over I was gone for about an hour.

I should get the results from the biopsy by tomorrow. The results will indicate 4 different possibilities, none of which we'll go into right now. Jenel and I try to maintain equanimity about these things so as not to concede our tenuous optimism. When we receive the results and it's corresponding prognosis we will follow with another update. Jenel and I want to thank all of you with all our hearts for the notes and cards, the calls and goodies. I look forward to your generous thoughts and ebullient spirit every day. By the way, I'm bald now but I really haven't changed that much. If anyone needs to ventilate any madness going on in your world; do tell. Whining could be good for both of us.

w/love T@J.

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