Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prometheus's Incredible News

I think my exuberance speaks for itself. This was , indeed, incredible news!

Well, again my brother demonstrates that his hubris and supreme confidence is as much prophetic as it is so many times bluff and bravado. Perhaps at cross purposes to one another at times, but reassuring , even comforting , at others. Sean is frenetic and irrepressible . He brings manic chaos where ever he goes; that can be both inspiring and frustrating, but his passion and execution is always uncompromising.

We Jacksons have all been beneficiaries to Sean's generosity and his relentless determination to rally for the call to battle. There is no mistaking that the fury of his conscription would be Quixotic and charged with intensity, contentious and brazen with purpose, but, ultimately his intellect and deep sense of fairness constrains that impetuous tenacity. Order and peace are restored and left dormant for now until, inevitably a banner is raised and call sounds and once again Sean is leading the fight, willful and indomitable. He is beloved.

And so it is today, Sean proves, once again, his unflinching dedication to his family with the chivalrous sacrifice that exemplifies his true strength. That at times he can seem bigger than life. Sean will be my bone marrow donor! This is no small contribution, considering what he'll have to go through to do it. Sean predicted that he would be a match from the very beginning, with his usual Promethean assuredness , but I dismissed it at once. After all, there was only a 25% chance for match and that's not enough to indulge in hope. Nevertheless, Sean diligently prepared for the donor kit and expedited its return. The match is all but perfect; meeting 8 out of 8 of the criteria required.

The consequence of this is incalculable! We now have a much better chance for success given that a sibling donor presents the best results. In addition, having a donor this early provides for a faster transition to transplant therapy, virtually eliminating the long excruciating search through the donor registry, that often takes up to 4 months or more. We're far from completing this long arduous journey and it's too early to to have any expectations.

I remain optimistic as always with Jenel at my side, reminded every day of the sublime love and support all of you send to me. I also want to acknowledge Betty, my transplant coordinator, for letting the cat out of the bag. Thank you Sean w/ love Tom.

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  1. 2 years and counting..Cancer Patience ,my love.. ever and ever love nel