Monday, November 2, 2009

Biopsy blues

I went to Chapel Hill the other day and got poked and prodded, then anesthetized and stabbed; the bone marrow biopsy is not one of your more elegant procedures. We've been waiting several days for the results; in itself painful cruelty to the insult of the examination. As of yet I haven't thought beyond this commentary, but my apprehension is increasingly dreaded.

It's harder and harder to get up for the game, as they say, after getting beat up for so long scrimmaging with cancer and now GVH with its attendant side effects. None of us have the training for it, certainly not the endurance; no matter what attitude you come up with from one day to the next. Resignation I think. The realization I had today that I'm going to have to go through this re-enactment for the next 5 years...

I really don't have anything inspiring to say about that. Maybe when the results come back I'll be a better cheerleader.

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  1. And to think I was p.o'd because my mug doesn't show up on your "Followers" section. "What the hell kind of a blog site is this, anyway"?, grouse, grouse, grumble. There are more serious things to grouse about, huh Tom? When u r up to it - and I know u have to force yourself to deal with my mouth - but come on out to our trainings. U would have gotten a laugh at the Halloween training. Jenel didn't have the loyalty to award me first place, instead bestowing that honor on someone who came as "Static Cling". Static Cling? Who the f%%@#@ couldn't come up with that? I shoulda been a shoo-in; I was "Star Vixen", I was a contender, but nooooooo. Your wifey saves up all her compassion for your ass. S*&^%. So there's another reason to come out: to keep an eye on your woman and make sure she doesn't keep pulling embarassing crap like that. And the weather is nice and cool and I always keep a Starbucks close by, so lets get a caffeine buzz going and get Jenel back by endless philosofishing (I coined that term so don't steal it; u can use it but give me props every time...) By the way, this is Robin Boucher: your site says my "URL uses illegal characters" so it won't let me use my e-mail address for some odd reason. Jenel must be behind this...